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Enjoy 20% increased rates by joining a party with a minimum of 5 members.

Playable via Android Devices. Play anywhere!

Hunt MVP Boss together with your friends and earn rewards!

   other information                            Server features

        Max Base Level : 99                                                                                              Daily Quest System

        Max Job Level : 50                                                                                                 Hourly Reward System

        Max Stats: 99                                                                                                           8 Hour Claim Reward

        Max aspd: 190                                                                                                         MVP hunting Challenge (If Mvp is alive = PVP ON else PVP OFF)

        Guild Capacity: 36/36                                                                                             MVP Reward and Ladder System

        Classic Mob Spawn and Drops                                                                            Classic Payon Map

        20% Bonus Exp with atleast 5 party members Leveling                                  Available on Android devices

         On respawn, 50% of Max HP/SP will be restored

==Client and Safety Features===
Andro Platform (Optimized for Android Platform)
iRO/RMS Base Server
Updated Gepard Shield (Gepard 3.0)
Full Capacity of Anti Ddos Protection upto max layers
Optimized Connection with Proxy Setup
Max Client: Up to 2 Clients Only
@Security Command ingame protection
Lite Graphics Plugin(@LGP Command)
Disabled AutoTrade


Other Ingame Features
@Security Command ingame protection
Lite Graphics Plugin(@LGP Command)
Disabled AutoTrade

@quest System (Best for Party Leveling!)
Fallen Hero (Stay Online for 8 hours and get Fallen Box)
Hourly System (Stay for 1 hour and get Ymir Token, Note: Timer will not reset if you log out)
MVP Scroll Drops (Rare, Mythical, or Legendary) at 5% Drop Rate.

Leveling Guild Package
Vote4Points System and Shop
Stat Reset NPC
Old Payon Settings
Old Job Change Settings
Scroll System Rewards
MVP and Quest ladder
PVP Ladder (With Announcement Setup)